5 types of coffee mugs that are popular among employees in Chennai

There are many corporate gifts that are popular among employees. Coffee mugs have retained on the top spots among these gift due to many reasons. In this blog we will see the types of coffee mugs that are popular in Chennai

If we set out to assign a beverage to each Indian metro, Chennai would win the cup for being the nation’s coffee destination. No wonder we have candies which are flavoured and named as Mardas Coffee.

In the land of coffee drinkers, there are preferences in terms of coffee mugs as well.

  1. Metallic Mugs
    1. This is the traditional way of drinking coffee at Chennai households. It is called Tumbler. The real form of it, with a saucer accompanying it, can be found in Tamil restaurants. Metallic mugs or tumblers are ideal when the coffee is made in the traditional way by the coffee master.
  2. Ceramic Mugs
    1. This is the preference of new generation office goers who are used to drinking coffee from vending machines. At offices, it is hard to maintain coffee masters to make coffee in the traditional way. In office environments where coffee is likely to get cold during discussions, a ceramic mug is the only way if you have to heat your coffee in a microwave. All these factors have contributed to the adoption of ceramic coffee mugs among Chennai office-goers.
  3. Magic Mugs
    1. These special mugs which have a thermally-responsive ink on it can change their exteriors when a hot beverage is poured into it. The print on the coffee mug will become visible only when coffee is in. These mugs are popular because of their novelty. 
  4. Clear Glass Mugs
    1. These are transparent mugs. They are elegant, and projects minimalism. Though not as popular as metallic tumblers, these mugs go so much with the Chennai psyche. Clear Glass coffee mugs look their best when black coffee is poured into it  and therefore is popular among black coffee lovers. 
  5. Chennai-themed ceramic mugs
    1. Printing on ceramic coffee mugs have created innumerable options for coffee lovers. In Chennai, the mugs with the prints referring to Chennai landmarks, tamil culture, local sports teams, lifestyle are all instant hits among employees in any companies from Chennai

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