7.5 ideas to personalize coffee mugs for your employees in India.

To personalize something, we have to ask ourselves who we are – We are our names, our country or state, our emotions, our team or friends, our profession, our roles, our culture. 

Coffee mug is an interesting corporate gift choice, more so when it is personalized and customized for each employee. 

The 10 ideas discussed below touch upon one of these.

It is ordered on the level of personalization and customization that you want to apply to coffee mugs for employees, starting with the highest level.

  1. Print on the coffee mug an adjective that describes the employee well

The HR department should collect one word adjectives from managers for each employees that report to them. For ex. Problem-Solver, Miss. Perfect, Go-getter, Mr. Special Ops are good ways for a manager to describe individuals in their team. Think about the morale boost and emotional impact such a custom-printed gift from manager can have on the employee! 

However, this needs collaboration and co-operation from all levels of an organization’s hierarchy. And, therefore, this idea is suitable for small teams of size below 20 people

  1. Printing employee names on the coffee mugs

The company can print the names of employees on their respective mugs with special font and typography which boosts the employee’s self-worth and confidence. After all, what is sweeter than one’s name.

If you want to go an extra mile, get your company’s wordsmith and add a twist to their names: how about Marvelous Manisha?

However, this option calls for your coporate gift supplier to print different names on every coffee mug. Be sure to read our FAQs about coffee mug printing for employees blog to understand the additional effort needed from the supplier.

  1. Define their team on the coffee mug

Every team has their own characteristics outside of their work. Partygoers,  Moviegoers, Backpackers, Foodies, Fitness Freaks and so on. To quote my  experience, my team is the unofficially called ‘The Boring Company’ (not  from Elon Musk)

  1. Motivate employees with quotes

Every one of us needs motivation every hour of the day, especially in the high stress environment of modern companies. Specific functions like Sales can be demotivating as well. It is known that caffeine energizes our brain cells. Why not motivate the heart as well? A coffee break becomes much more than a break with a motivating line to look at while sipping the coffee. My favorite phrase: Labor omnia vincit (Know more about this and another 49 quotes in this blog post)

  1. Define them on their coffee mug by their profession

Who doesn’t want to be reminded of how good they are in their profession. I would yearn every moment to be reminded as a empathetic marketer. One of my friends has this beautiful line ‘Coder by Passion, Coder by Profession’. Let there be sales titans, marketing maniacs, training wizard, support superstar printed on coffee mugs.

  1. Identify with company’s region

At Vinika Fashions, we are a bunch of people from Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Kerala, Bihar who made Chennai our home. What unites us is Chennai, the same way Bangalore defined Infoscions and Silicon Valley defined Googlers. 

Coffee Mugs printed with Pacha Tamizhan, Mumbaikkar, Bangalorean, Mallu(myself) brings out the pride we have on the place we are and the company that made it happen.  

  1. Have employees identify themselves with the company

This is a no-brainer and possibly the best option for large organizations spread across multiple states of India. The unifying factor among employees is none other than the company itself – the goal they are working towards. Printing the company’s internal pet name (Googler) for employees on the coffee mugs are the best way to prosper this pride. 

Those were the 7 ideas that I had in mind. But the blog title says 7.5 ideas 🙂 Yes, there is one-half of an idea remaining and that is Accessories

While all the previous ideas revolved around printing on coffee mugs as a way of personalizing corporate gifts, accessories are embellishments or additional miniature gifts that go along with coffee mugs. Read all about coffee mug accessories here in this blog.WhatsApp Us on + 91 79807 21828 to know more about personalized and customized coffee mugs for your employees.

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