Accessories to personalize coffee mugs for employees

Accessories are one of the many interesting ways to personalize coffee mugsRead about 7 more ideas to customize coffee mugs here.

  1. Coffee mug Lids
    1. When you give your employees a coffee mug, don’t forget the lid. A lid can protect the coffee from getting spilled, contaminants, getting cold.There are a variety of lids available in the market: Microwave safe, one with a  sipper, made with silicone. WhatsApp Us on + 91 79807 21828 to know the options. 
  2. Desk side clip coffee holder
    1. A high-utility and must-have accessory for every coffee mug! We all can imagine how crowded our desks are. While we still can find a nice little place for our favorite coffee mug, won’t it be nice to have an additional space for it? It is like the throne for our favorite desk piece – the coffee mug. This coffee holder can be clipped on to your table and on the other side of the clip, there will be a coffee mug holder just like what we have in cars. Not just coffee it can hold your mobile phone, cosmetics, stationery, flower pot, USB & memory cards. Once more, never miss this!
  3. Coffee mug mats-coasters
    1. A coaster is a rubber non-slip table mat that provides a good firm grip ensuring that your coffee mugs don’t fall down easily, absorbs any accidental spillage and moisture on your desk. A coaster helps avoids coffee stains on your office furniture and desk.Improptu variations of coasters used in India are notebooks and newspapers and the stain mark is formed on them. It is time to use a proper coaster and avoid stains and give a better grip for coffee mugs.
  4. Coffee mug warmer
    1. There are sleek coffee mug warmers available which can keep your beverage warm. Some of these are spill proof and have temperature controls with automatic cut-off.

There I have given a list of accessories you can give your employees along with a coffee mug. All of these accessories can have the employee names printed on it furthering the possibility of personalization. WhatsApp Us on + 91 79807 21828 to know the options. 

At the same time you have to get your pantry ready for this new influx of coffee mugs. These accessories can have the company logo printed on it along with cool coffee-related quotes on it.

  1. Microwave
    1. The must-have item in your pantry, if you don’t have one already. Not only can employees use it for heating their coffee but also for their pizza and burgers too.
  2. Coffee mug hangers
    1. Employees can store their coffee mugs after washing in hangers. There are many choices when it comes to hangers: baskets, shelves, tree – all acting as storage space for coffee mugs.
  3. Coffee mug cleaner solution and brush
    1. Coffee stains can be hard. If it stays, it can make the mug look older than it really is. Save the mugs by using a stain removal cleaner solution and durable kitchen brushes. 

WhatsApp Us on + 91 79807 21828 to buy one of these accessories and get them branded along with your order of coffee mugs.

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