Printing coffee mugs for your employees in India? Ask yourself these questions

  1. What materials are usually available for coffee mugs?
    1. Cups are available in metal, plastic and ceramic. Ceramic is the preferred material as it is environment friendlier than plastic and won’t conduct heat as much as a metallic cup would do.
  2. On what coffee mug material does photo printing work the best?
    1. Photos look the best when printed on a ceramic coffee mug. 
  3. Is the photo printed on the surface of coffee mugs permanent?
    1. That depends on your supplier and the quality of printing. Generally, the prints are permanent when decal printing is used.
  4. What are the types of printing on coffee mugs? Which one should you choose?
    1. Sublimation printing: the print is done on sublimation paper with sublimation ink and an inkjet printer. This print is then wound on the mug and heated. This process transfers the print to the mug. Sublimation printing equipment is easier to set up as quantities are less. You should choose sublimation printing when 
      1. Your quantities are less than 1000
      2. Faster delivery
      3. When the print on each mug is different (employee names)
    2. Decal printing: decal is the printing used on your kitchen ceramics. And, if you have noticed, the print on these ceramics has lasted long. Prints are made on decal paper, transferred to the mugs and then baked at high temperatures. This ensures that the print stays longer. Decal printing needs extensive investment on the printer’s side and therefore only large quantities can ensure lower cost per mug.decal printing is ideal when
    3. Quantities are greater than 1000
    4. The print has to last longer
    5. You have sufficient time for delivery
    6. You are looking for cost advantages
  5. What all can be printed on the surface of the coffee mugs?
    1. Anything and everything that you can imagine! You can print your photos, company logo, text, quotes, messages and more in high quality on the surface of customized printed coffee mugs. Any design is possible while printing and therefore you can choose what is suited for your employees. However, the more the print variations you want to bring in for each employee, the more the cost per mug. 
  6. Can the ceramic coffee mugs be used in microwave?
    1. Yes, there are ceramic coffee mugs suitable for use in a microwave oven. Ask your supplier about this because some ceramic mugs break when heated. Remember, coffee often gets cold on employee desks and they want to run to the microwave to heat it up. And for these reasons, plastic and metallic mugs are unsuitable.
  7. Can printed mugs be washed with water? 
    1. Coffee mugs that have been printed with your pictures can be easily washed with water and detergent like normal utensils. Since the print is permanent, it will not wash off in the process of cleaning the mugs. Magic mugs can also be washed similarly without the risk of losing their print. A word of caution here: Prints on coffee mugs made using submimation printing can fade off after a year or two, but you don’t have to worry as people switch to new coffee mugs by that time.
  8. Will the beverage stay hot in a coffee mug?
    1. It will stay hot in a ceramic mug more than it will in a metallic or a plastic mug. But a ceramic mug is not heat insulated like a flask. If you have to hold beverages hot for a longer period, you can check out our line of drink ware.
  9. What is a color changing mug and how does it work? 
    1. A color changing mug or a magic mug is a mug that changes color when any hot liquid is poured inside the mug. This gives it a magical effect as a photo printed on the mug will be barely visible when the mug is empty but as soon as coffee, tea or any other hot beverage is poured in the mug, the photo becomes visible due to the color changing effect of the mug. Magic mugs can be printed with your pictures or text and are available in black, blue and red colors. Magic mugs are made up of ceramic and have a coating of temperature sensitive ink on their surface. This ink reacts to temperature – resulting in the color changing effect seen in magic mugs.
  10. What side of the mug should I choose for a personalized or logo mug?
    1. You can place the logo and the text either on the right hand side of the handle or the left hand side of the handle. These are better than placing the logo and the text opposite to the coffee mug handle. The side positions give better visibility to the printed logo and the text to someone who is sharing a coffee with the person who holds the mug. 
  11. What is the average cost of printing on a coffee mug?
    1. You can get mugs under Rs. 100 as well. But the cost depends on the amount of customization that you need.
  12. What is the ideal size of a coffee mug for employees?

Any mug between 150-250ml is ideal for coffee. This can cover employees of all sizes 🙂 I meant employees who are coffee addicts and regulars.

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  1. I love the mug and the slogans printed on it. Most of mugs are just amazing. Thanks for this information about frequently asked questions on mugs. Subscribed your blog.

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