Things you should be considering before finalizing the number of coffee mugs to be ordered in India

How many coffee mugs are needed for a 2000 strong company? 2000, right? No, there are a bunch of cases to be considered before equating number of coffee mugs to number of employees.

  1. Breakage
    1. Even if your coffee mug vendor is an extraordinary packer and shipper, there are chances that a couple of mugs will get be damaged mildly: broken handle or a serious damage: powdered mug 🙂 It is a good practice to order 10% more mugs than what is necessary. 
  2. New recruits
    1. This is important. Order extra mugs for new employees that are likely to join the coming year. It is easy to calculate the numbers as the HR department will have the exact numbers. 
  3. Visitors
    1. You should order some mugs for visitors to your office. These are good branding opportunitities when you gift a coffee mug to your vendors, customers and advertisers. They will take it to places. Moreover, it is a good gesture towards the visitors.
  4. Discounts
    1. Larger quantities means higher discounts. When you talk to your coffee mug supplier, ask for slab-wise discounts. If you fall in a particular slab, consider the three factors mentioned before and try to get in to the next slab of higher discounts.

We discussed four important things to consider before finalizing the number in a coffee mug order. At the same time, you should plan for distribution among your employees.

The best way to distribute coffee mugs on a large scale is to pick a day like the employee appreciation day which is a good occasion to hand over corporate gifts. It is easier to plan the distribution well along with other employee engagement and appreciation activities that you do on this day. If you don’t celebrate employee appreciation day, pick another day like Diwali or New year’s eve to do this. In any case, the idea is to club the distribution with a day when employees come together.WhatsApp Us on + 91 79807 21828 to ask more questions about the care we take to deliver coffee mugs without breakage or manufacturing defects. You can ask anything about coffee mugs and printing.

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