Protection Masks in Chennai

Mask Up! Pandemic is still far from over.

As states and cities begin to lift lockdown restrictions on stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures, it’s vital for companies to implement new strategies and safety precautions before returning to work. Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces,” which means sanitation and hands-free technology will play a key role in COVID-19 reopening workplace strategies. Similar to past influenza pandemic guidelines, Government is encouraging companies to create coronavirus workplace safety guidelines to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19 and reduce its impact on employees. This coronavirus office safety checklist will help organizations follow the latest recommendations and health guidelines for reopening their offices.

One of the foremost safety precautions is to use Masks. Wearing a mask is one of the truly effective ways of halting the pandemic. In India, it is mandatory to wear a mask when you step out. A mask prevents respiratory particles containing the COVID-19 virus from an infected person from escaping into the air when he/she coughs or sneezes. Thus, if an infected person wears a mask, other healthy people will not catch the disease. Similarly, when a healthy person wears a mask, it acts as a wall of defence against the virus that is floating in the air.

A good mask won’t stop you from getting the virus, but it will stop you from contributing to the germ pool, which is huge in getting the nation back to “normal,” or as close to normal as possible at any rate.

The different types of face masks include:

  1. Basic cloth face mask
  2. Surgical face mask
  3. S-N95 mask
  4. Filtering face piece respirator
  5. P100 respirator/gas mask
  6. Full face respirator
  7. Full length face shield
  8. KN95 respirator

Now, let’s understand each masks in brief:

  1. Basic Cloth Face Mask: This is your standard, everyday version of a face mask. It’s also the version recommended for public use in the midst of COVID-19. You can wear this type of face mask while going to the grocery store, gas station, or any other open public place.
  • Surgical Face Mask: An FDA-approved surgical mask is made from a thin, disposable material. Medical professionals who are currently operating drive-thru testing for COVID-19 are wearing a version of this face mask that covers not just their nose and mouth, but also their eyes, cheeks, and forehead. You’ll also see this type of mask worn in hospitals by doctors and respiratory therapists.
  • SN95 mask:- You won’t find N65 Respirators worn by the general public. This type of face mask is critical for health care workers and medical first responders. SN95 Reusable Outdoor Protection Mask is an ultra-comfortable mask with 6 protective layers made using melt blown bacterial fabric. This outdoor protection mask effectively filters out the bacteria and ensures advanced safety. With an air-purifying respirator, this splash proof mask is breathable and comfortable to wear. This light weight mask is reusable and can be re sanitized too.
  • Filtering Face piece Respirator: Like surgical masks, this type of face mask is disposable. It’s not commonly used to stop the spread of airborne illnesses, but rather is worn to decrease exposure to particles that come from wood dust. Those with allergies might consider using this type of face mask during the pandemic.
  • P100 Respirator/Gas Mask: A P100 respirator isn’t commonly associated with healthcare. It’s instead worn by painters, woodworkers, and anyone who may be in contact with lead, asbestos, or chemicals. You shouldn’t wear this type of mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Full Face Respirator: Do you have a hard time breathing in a cloth or surgical mask? A full face respirator, which is typically used for home improvement projects, may be a good choice for you. This type of mask, however, should be reserved for those who already have breathing problems or respiratory issues.
  • Full Length Face Shield: This is a mask that’s a flimsier, plastic version of the glass ones you see worn by welders. It covers the entire face from forehead to chin and secures with a cushioned headband. For the most part, a full length face shield isn’t ideal during the COVID-19 crisis as it’s tough to breathe in over time.
  • KN95 Respirator: KN95 masks are very similar to SN95 masks. Both capture about 95% of tiny particles in the air. The biggest difference is that SN95 masks are able to capture larger particles.

It’s a scary time out there, but face masks are a small way you can make a difference. You’re helping prevent the virus from spreading, which is crucial in getting the situation under control. If you’re a business, you can also use face masks as company promotional items. Simply print your name and logo on the front, and you’ve got yourself a walking ad!

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