How to write a great brand story?

Your brand’s story is much more than your “company bio.” It’s everything from the colors on your website, to your packaging materials, to the way your employees answer the phone and banter with your customers on social media. It includes your origins, your goals, your inspiration, your challenges, your target audience and their experiences with your company. It’s even the stuff you don’t have control over, including how your prospects and customers perceive what you do and interpret what you say. In short, it’s the sum total of who you are, all you do, and everything people believe about you based on the signals you send.

Every brand story contains three crucial characters: the hero, the villain, and a supporting friend.

The hero is your ideal customer. This is important: Your brand story’s hero is not your business. The story will only be compelling to your audience–and they’ll only connect with it–if it’s ultimately about them. Set the stage for their heroism, and they’ll want to take up that role in your story.

The villain is your ideal customer’s obstacle or pain point. It’s the thing they’re contending against that you can help them with. It’s what keeps them awake at night or takes up too much of their mental energy during the day. It’s the thing that–were it removed–would make your ideal customer feel a little more “heroic” in their daily lives.

The supporting friend is your business. You are the supporting character: Yoda to Luke Skywalker, Doc Brown to Marty McFly, Glinda the Good Witch to Dorothy. You give the hero the plan (or power) that allows them to navigate their challenge and arrive at the life they long for. Just remember: While there’s a sense that the hero couldn’t do it without you, they’re still the hero in the end.

To write a perfect brand story, include the characters and give them respective roles. Tell your customers that they are Sherlock Holmes solving a complicated case with you, Dr. Watson, standing by their side as their sidekick.

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