Most frequent questions and answers
We are gald you are trusting Vinika Fashions with the branding of your organization, and we assure you we won’t let you down. We offer one of the finest cotton t-shirts manufactured in India and our embroidery logo printing is done by experts using state-of-the-art technology. Now, for ordering, our corporate clients mostly prefer the Airtex Cotton Polo 240 GSM t-shirts. We would suggest the same for you. Write to us at info@vinikafashions.com with:
1. Quantity of t-shirts
2. Color and sizes
3. Attach logo in pdf and source file format
4. Mention the size and position of logo to be printed
5. Attach a sample t-shirt image for reference (optional)
6. Full Delivery and Billing address
We would send you the quote and on confirmation, we would also send you a sample t-shirt with your company logo for approval. Once approved, you would need to place the order with 50% advance payment. Balance 50% you may pay within 7 days of order delivery. 

When we manufacture t-shirts in bulk quantity, our cost of production comes down by 5%-10% and we want to pass that benefit to our clients. So yes, we definitely offer discount on our bulk orders but to get the exact discounted amount, please write to us at info@vinikafashions.com or WhatsApp us at +91 79807 21828 and mention the quantity you would want to buy. We would definitely try to match your expectation without compromising the quality of t-shirts or printing.

Even though we get started on your order right after the advance payment is received, the total time taken to complete and deliver the order might vary depending on the quantity. To give you an idea, an order of 100 t-shirts will take anywhere between 10-15 days, that again depends on delivery address and number of printing impressions. We would suggest you get in touch with us to learn more.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers (there are natural ingredients that can be used for these purposes, such as pyrethrum, which comes from chrysanthemums). Emphasis is placed on the quality of the soil and things like crop rotation and supporting beneficial insects for pest control.

Organically grown cotton fibres have the same characteristics as conventionally grown cotton. The yarn is just as strong and durable as any other cotton yarn you could buy.

For printing we need a .CDR (corel draw with convert to curves or publish to service bureau) or .AI (Adobe illustrator) or EPS file with text converted to curves. For embroidery a good quality JPG file will suffice. In either case a physical printout is recommended to match the colours.

Please note that the colour on the monitor and output may differ therefore a signed printout is necessary.

Knitted cotton always shrinks on wash. That’s in the nature of this fabric. However, the shrinkage is reduced by a process of compacting the fabric whereby the shrinkage is less than 5% (internationally accepted norm.) 

250 units. It may be divided into different sizes but should be of same color.