Logo Printing Options

Logo Printing Options on T-shirts, Polo Shirts and Shirts

Printing technology has been continuously evolving and now it is possible to print virtually any logo on a garment. Depending upon the quantity, delivery timelines and the usage of the garment a printer decides what method is best to reproduce a logo. Every technology has its own set of advantages and limitations. Below are some of the popular methods of branding your logo on a garment. We have showcased the result of the same logo in three different technologies.

 Embroidery: Its an all time favourite amongst corporate to have their logo embroidered. Although embroidered logos give a rich look but they cannot replicate half tone designs, small and fine letterings too do not come clear. Nevertheless, the development cost of a design is free in most of the markets and small runs of quantities too can be easily accommodated.

Transfer Printing: Transfer printing gives a smooth look to your designs so the details of your logo are also visible clearly, which is sometimes not possible with embroidery. For complex designs, we recommend transfer printing where the design is transferred from a paper to the fabric using state-of-the-art printing machine. Check out the sample below.

Eco encryption: It’s the final solution to all branding limitations and we literally mean it! Justifying the look and feel of the printed design, eco-encryption comes at a higher price. 3D Printing with halftones in matt or metallic finish is possible with this technology and it is iron-able too. The design development and the reproduction cost is high therefore, it is not recommend for small requirements.