Tote Cloth Bags – Short Handle (with printing)

Remember that old cloth jhola that your mother brings out everytime she asked you to bring something from market? Yes, that was a long time ago. That was the time when we used cloth bags and the nature was clean. Why can’t we go back to basics? Let’s go eco-friendly with these cotton cloth bags and do our bit for the environment.

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Cloth Bags? as a gift? Your surprise maybe logical but we have our reasons, and our reasons are three-fold:

  1. Eco-friendly: We are not just another company selling our products on the ‘eco-friendly’ tag. We added this product to our portfolio because we actually care. If you read the ‘About Us’ section of this website, you’ll see that we are committed to improving the nature and ecosystem by shunning the chemicals from the fabrics. Cloth bags, therefore, fits perfectly fine to our vision and portfolio.
  2. Widespread opportunity: You know that more and more states are realizing the fact that plastics are bad for our nature, and are thus, banning the use of plastics. This is a very good opportunity for you to distribute cloth bags with your message/logo printed. You can be sure to see people carrying your bags to stores.
  3. Branding ROI: Yes, as much as we care about nature, we also care about branding ROI. All the gifts that we feature are put up with keeping the ROI in mind. We are sure that these bags will give a nice bang for your branding buck, since people need these bags in the states that have banned plastics and states that are about to ban plastics.

So, let’s make marketing great again and help nature with these eco-friendly cotton cloth bags.




Multiple colors available. Check with us for your requirement.


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