Promotional Button Badges – Metal 44mm

Custom made die cast badges are a classic way to present your company or club logo in a stylish and desirable manner. For centuries metal badges have been “struck” to commemorate special events or to honour personal achievement. Available in a wide range of custom metal colour finishes you can have any logo, product or image turned into a long-lasting and much appreciated gift badge which costs far less than its apparent value. Custom metal badges can be either cast or die stamped. Die stamping gives the finest and clearest finish – it’s the same technique used to mint coins. A die cast badge is a cheap option and only an expert would be aware of the small investment required to produce a lasting, hardwearing finished product. Contact us at for the die stamping badges sample and price.

Promote your brand well with the aid of these custom imprinted Round Celluloid Promotional Button Badges. With a 44mm circumference, these buttons are the perfect size to stand out at trade shows and any other promotional events. You can take full advantage of the full color printing on the face of these buttons. Lead people to believe that your brand is the most attractive and energetic in your respective industry.


Front Metal, Back Solid Plastic


44 mm in diameter (can be made up to 58 mm if required)