School Uniforms

Kids look best in everything and anything they wear. There is so little you can do to make them look better. It’s impossible. We, at Vinika Fashions, try to stitch memories in shape of school uniforms. Remember your school days and your uniform, you loved it, right? Because the school uniforms are very very special. We are proud of the uniforms that we have supplied to schools in India and we are proud that we are helping kids create beautiful memories that they will cherish forever.

Growing kids can get ready in style with our range of customized school uniforms. Schools in Chennai and other cities of South India have approved our design and fabrics. We offer the value of a two piece layered look, so that the fashionable style is also perfect for all day comfort.

Our darling dresses are the perfect expansion to your kid’s uniform wardrobe.  You will not find a better value and quality of school uniforms anywhere else. Therefore, the uniforms are perfect to be worn in public or private schools.


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