Need a metric for Branding ROI?
See how often they wear your company t-shirts.

Who We Are

Fabrics are the most natural thing that covers our body. But overtime, and like many other things in our life, clothes have been compromised with chemicals and unorganic fibres. Do we really want to cover ourselves in something harmful? Vinika Fashions is on a mission to bring most premium natural and synthetic fabrics in the mainstream clothing again. 

Our apparels are tested for toxicity and chemicals, and are bio-washed before we ship it to you. To our sweet surprise, our clothes are more long-lasting and durable compared to chemical ones. Also, we found that our naturally treated fabrics like cotton and polyester doesn’t lose colour, lustre and shape even after multiple washes, and make for a comfortable and relaxing dressing, each time you take it out of your wardrobe.

With our quality printing setup, the logo designs doesn’t come off and stay new even after multiple washes. So, when your employees, customers and partners start wearing them, they are not going to put it down sooner. With higher number of repeat wears, we ensure that you get the bang for your branding buck.