The best day for a personalized corporate gift – employee appreciation day

‘Train your employees so well that they can find a job, treat them so well that they can’t leave’ – Whoever said this quote is so right in how to manage your employees. How can you treat your employees exceptionally well? Appreciation! Howmuchever appreciation you give is not enough for a good employee. 

Appreciation can come in many ways: Words, Deeds, Gestures. In this blog we talk about gifting as a gesture towards your employees. Almost as important as these is the Employee Appreciation Day celebrated on the first Friday of March every year. This day is gaining popularity as employers are realizing the importance of employee engagement. 

The day is organized by HR department and usually involves activities like 

  1. Family get together: Organizations like TCS do grand events where employees can bring their families to the campus and participate in various group events.
  2. Team Dinners: This is ideal for small organizations but possible in larger organizations with a bit of planning.
  3. Sports Events: These are great for team building if the HR team can spend time in deciding the games, venues and crowd management. Most of the times, because of the employee co-operation, it won’t be difficut for the HR. 
  4. Cultural Events: Similar to the sports events, the cultural events also boost harmony, healthy competition and belongingness among employees
  5. Potlucks: This activity is relatively new but great in bringing together employees and their families. Though the whole family may not join a potluck, the food prepared at home inevitably opens conversations about family.
  6. New facility inauguration: The company can keep the inauguration of a new tennis court or pantry or a gym for this day marking it special for all employees. It denotes a new year with the company for them.
  7. New benefit announcements: Another surprise that HR could keep for this day would be new announcements. This could be a bonus or insurance or health check-ups
  8. Employee Gifting: Gifting is one of the activities that HRs prefer because of the following reasons:
  9. Easier to organize: buying and distributing a gift like coffee mugs is not as resource-intensive as a sports event.
  10. Cost effective: Companies can buy a gift even from Rs. 50 to Rs.5000 and there are a lot of vendors like Vinika Fashions that provides such options.
  11. Employees can keep the gifts: While all other activities and their memories will fade away after the day, a gift will stay as a souvenir of the day and generate good feeling about the company.
  12. Good opportunity for branding: As much as gifts are loved by employees, gifts can be excellent branding vehicles aimed at employees’ network 

Employee Appreciation day and associated engagement with employees help companies to build trust, job satisfaction, self-belief and overall welfare.WhatsApp Us on + 91 79807 21828 to know about how Vinika Fashions can assist you in employee appreciation day, its activities and employee gifts. 

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