Why are coffee mugs the most popular corporate gift among employees in India?

If you are reading this, you have coffee mugs on the top of your list among various coporate gifting ideas. You also would have decided on how to optimize the quantity of coffee mugs you need

So, let us jump on to why coffee mugs are so popular. 

  1. Coffee mugs have great utility
  2. Coffee mugs are personal
  3. Cofee mugs are a projection of your personality
  4. Every coffee mug is unique, you never get tired of it

Great Utility: How many coffees do you take a day? It can go from zero to 25 in my experience. There are coffee lovers who drink more than 25. Whatever be the number, there is a mug always beside you. 

What if I get an additional mug? No problem, I can use it at home. 

What if I get 25 mugs – the lazy bum in me will think that I can go on for 2 days without washing mugs. Not the best idea, folks 🙂

People never can get enough coffee mugs. It finds utility on your desk, or your kitchen or your mom’s crockery or your dad’s ceramic collection. A coffee mug is a keeper.

They are personal: Anything that comes in contact with our body is personal, almost like a part of us. If you think about it, that is why there is a term called ‘personal space’. Even at our most ‘me-times’, there is always a coffee mug near us with a steamy beverage. My bed, my brush, my clothes, my shoes, my undies, my socks, my wife – you get the drift. Anything that we touch, like a coffee mug, is personal. People are therefore attached to their coffee mug, no matter how often they change it.

They project your personality: Maybe there are as many coffee mug varieties as for every personality type to pick one mug, and it will be ideal for them. Everybody has some part of their personality that they are proud about – coffee mugs serve as a passive way of projecting that part in a subtle way. ‘The problem solver’, ‘The boss’, ’90’s kid’, ‘Do or Die’. If each one of us is a brand by ourselves, coffee mugs are the billboards to carry our taglines. 

They are so unique: I go through our pantry checking out coffee mugs, think about coffee mugs that I have, go through Big Bazars and Saravana stores’ crockery isle – one thing I notice is that every coffee mug is unique like every human is. If I think about it, I rarely come across two coffee mugs that are identical twins. This variety is amplified a lot because of the immense personalization and customization brought out by coffee mug printing. Almost anything that you can think of, picture or text, can be printed on a coffee mug. Coffee mugs are ubiquitous but they are unique as well – only matched by humans.Now that you know why coffee mugs are so popular, read these awesome ideas to personalize coffee mugs that make them ideas as unique corporate gifts. 

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